Feb 12 2016 3 Ways To Feel More Confident With Men

Dated: 02/12/2016

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Do you ever go on a date and find yourself seeking approval from the other person? 

Or, you go into the date with such low expectations that you wonder why you accepted the date in the first place?
After working with literally thousands of women, I have seen a pattern emerge in when someone's been on a lot of dates... 
This pattern shows up as two mindsets that disconnect you from "Love-Abundance" (which is the state-of-being that attracts a great relationship). 
Click here to discover 3 ways to feel more confident with men, and learn a proven first date strategy! 



These two mindsets act like "dating-traps," and believe it or not, they are really easy to fall into. 
In fact, if you've been dating for awhile I'll bet that you have found yourself falling into one (or both!) of these dating traps at times. 
The problem is when you fall into these traps you act less like your true, amazing self when you're on a date. 
In this week's video I explain what these two dating-traps are... 
...and more importantly, I give you 3 practices that will help you avoid them so that you can generate more confidence within yourself, trigger attraction within the person you're dating, and create an overall better experience for both of you. 
Check it out...How to feel more confidence and be at your best on a date
Remember, you are an incredibly powerful person!  
As you hold in mind the vision for the relationship you want, and you take action in the direction of that vision, this Universe conspires to bring your vision into reality. 
Your history does not determine your destiny.  Today is a brand new day, with brand new possibilities for you. 
Something great is happening with and for you this day

And here are somethings going on around the valley.


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