March 1 2016 Self Love Is Very Important Ladies

Dated: 03/04/2016

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Self love is crucial to living a great life, or to living at all. Here are 3 ways to help to love yourself ladies just as you are.

3 Easy Practices for Increased Self Love


#1) Love Yourself No Matter Your Size or Weight:

When putting on my bathing suite, and clothes each day, I practiced closing my eyes and feeling what my body feels like from the inside out. I cultivated a sense of warmth, joy, and love glowing from my heart and spreading all throughout my body. Remembering the sure beauty, blessing, and miracle of my gorgeous womanly body (no matter my size, weight, or flaws, I chose to see myself as a perfect work of art.) And so are YOU!


#2) Eat With Pleasure, Savor Every Bite:

Previously one of my flaws was no-matter when I went on vacation I would return home with an extra 5 pounds. 2 years ago I broke this pattern, and I used it on this trip. It’s a fabulous tool I think you’ll love knowing. I still order everything I want, but before I eat, I place my hands over my food, filling it with love and light, and I say this prayer: “Every bite I take turns to golden light energy, manifesting a lean, strong, flexible, vibrantly healthy body! Thank you for this fuel to help me be a gorgeous Goddess.” And I then I savor each bite, with pleasure, slowly. This was the magic KEY – eat with love and gratitude (not fear). Now when I travel – so far I have yet to gain a pound–it works marvelously.  You can try this at home and when traveling.



#3) Do What Sparks Joy In Your Life:

Wile I was on this trip I really wanted to DANCE at one of the temples we visited.  When we arrived, there was a little part of me that felt self conscious, but I set her aside, and I walked to a grassy area and I danced for a few minutes, slowly like a moving meditation. I connected with the air, the earth, and with my body. I let my SOUL float freely. It was a moment of pure delight, joy and divine heaven that I will remember for life.

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