Aug 12 2017 Some Recipes And Foods That Help With High Blood Pressure And Avoid Strokes

Dated: 08/12/2017

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High blood pressure usually comes out of nowhere, it sneaks up on you without no previous symptoms and this leads to risk of a heart disease....

Hypertension or HBP is usually misunderstood and people believe that it affects those who are type-A, tense and aggressive, but it is not true. High blood pressure is not associated with personality traits, since people who are completely relaxed can also suffer from this condition.
This is why we will reveal an amazing recipe which will help you treat high blood pressure effectively.

Old German Blood Pressure Recipe


  • 68 ounces filtered water

  • 4 organic lemons, unpeeled

  • 4 organic garlic cloves

  • 4 drops lavender essential oil

  • 1 thumb organic ginger root


  1. Before cutting then in tracks, wash the lemons thoroughly. Next, clean the garlic cloves and remove the rind from the ginger root.

  2. After that, put all the ingredients together in a blender and mix them until you get a homogenous mixture.

  3. Once mixed, put the solution into a pan and turn the fire on while you add the water in it slowly. Make sure to stir the mixture all the time until it starts boiling. Remove it from the stove and allow it to cool down.

  4. In the end, strain the mixture and pour it into glass bottles. Store them in your fridge.

How to Consume:

Drink this healthy beverage 2 hours before a meal every day.

Don’t worry about the smell of garlic since lemon and ginger in combination neutralize the unpleasant smell.

Remember to shake the drink well prior drinking it since the ginger will remain at the bottom of the bottle.

Top Foods For Blood Pressure Diet

  • High fiber foods– veggies, fruits and seeds are the basis of any healthy diet.

  • Low sodium foods–do not consume more than 1500-2000mg salt per day since it raises blood pressure.

  • High potassium foods– make sure to eat more foods like bananas, melons and avocados since they contain potassium which counteracts the effect of sodium and lowers high blood pressure.

  • Omega-3 rich foods- eat more foods like chia, flax seeds, grass-fed beef and wild-caught salmon since they are rich in omega-3 acids.

  • Dark chocolate– try to find a chocolate which contains at least 200 mg of cocoa phenols since they can reduce high blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Foods to Avoid

  • High sodium foods– avoid the consumption of olives, canned foods, high sodium processed foods and pickles.

  • Caffeine– Too much caffeine can cause an increase in blood pressure.

  • Alcohol– Narrows arteries and can increase blood pressure.

  • Trans fats and Omega-6 fats– avoid packaged foods and conventional meats since they increase both inflammation and HBP.

  • Sugar– High sugar consumption is connected to high blood pressure.

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