Mar 8 2017 How To Fight The Cold And Flu Season

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The cold and flu season is upon us. Here are some ways to fight off the symptoms of Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Colds, Flu, Allergies, Reactive Airway Disease  & other respiratory disorders or diseases.Image title

Always contact your doctor first to make sure it isn't something more serious that could require more than just a prescription for Antibiotics. (ie. Chest Xray, hospitalization, etc) Plus it's good to know if it is viral (flu) or bacterial (cold/ infections). 

DO NOT replace professional medical diagnosis or treatment with any of the following suggestions. 

Douse the following suggestions to supplement any treatment your doctor recommends. They have helped me to speed up recovery, but depending on your individual condition results may vary.

If it's bacterial, I have found the following to be helpful in speeding up my recovery:

1. Steam at gym daily for at least 20 mins, steam gets the toxins out of you. 
2. Get a cool mist  humidifier and clean it often. Humidity in the air helps to calm coughing.
3.Yoga. Especially the heart opener exercises and stretches as this will open up the lungs to help your cough go away.
4.QVar 40 or 80 mcg helps with that throat full of junk where it's hard to talk and you have to keep clearing your throat. Follow with mouthwash to prevent Oral Thrush from developing. Your doctor should be able to give you free samples of this. 
5.Xopenex to use as a rescue inhaler in case you keep coughing severely. Again follow with mouthwash to prevent Oral Thrush from developing. Your doctor should be able to give you free samples of this as well.
6.Ricola Cough Drops. These are great if you start coughing harshly. It seems to settle it right down for me.
7. Coldeez and EmergenC are also great over the counter meds that help with cold symptoms.
8. Vicks vapor rub and Nyquil at bedtime are helpful for sleeping
9.Sudafed during the day is helpful to dry you up.
10. Essential Oils can help as well. Using Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Tea tree oils will help with fighting off most any infections or colds. Use them in a diffuser, bath or in a carrier oil that you can apply to your chest and back.

If it is viral, I have found the following to work well in speeding up my recovery:

1. All of the above mentioned over the counter meds
2. SAMBUCUS/ Elderberry extract. It's an anti-viral discovered by an Israeli virologist. It comes in capsule, liquid and gummy bear form. It usually completely knocks out my flu symptoms in about 2-3 days. 

Here are some other things to do to stave off colds and the flu.

1. Neil Med Sinus Rinse. My pulmonary specialist recommended that I use this. I use it twice a day to keep my airways clean so they don't turn into allergic reactions with nasal drip which can cause the pneumonia. Call me for tips on using this because if you use it the wrong way you will be disappointed and won't want to use it ever again!
2.Take one of each of the following tablets per day every night after dinner: zinc, echinacea, vitamin C. This is a good mix in will keep your immune system boosted and healthy.

I hope these suggestions will help you and your family make the cold and flu season more manageable and shorter.  Take care!!!

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