May 17 2016 10 Simple Rules To Follow When You Want To Sell Your House Fast

Dated: 05/17/2016

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My Team and I are selling homes quickly and for the best possible price!!!

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10 Rules to follow when you want to sell your house fast!

1.  Contact myself or my office NOW to get things rolling. My track record speaks for itself. I've sold homes as quickly as 

                                                               48 hours!

2.   Make sure your house is ready to be shown. You might get last minute people wanting to see your home so you want 

                                                               it to be looking like a model home all the time. (so make sure to clean bathrooms, 

                                   leave the toilet seats down, remove everything off all counter tops and tables, put your dirty dishes in 

                                                the dishwasher, make sure the kids' rooms are clean and things are put away, 

                                                                         put away the clean and dirty clothes, 

                                                      AND GET RID OF ANY CLUTTER in the house, garage and the yard.

3.    Make sure you kennel or move pets to another location during a showing. You don't want to have them to distract or

                                                               prejudice prospective buyers against buying your home.   

4.    Make sure you have as much light in your home as possible to show it off. The more light you have inside the better 

                                                 your house will show. Darkness in your home (ie corners, closets, garages, rooms, etc) can lead a 

                                               prospective buyer to think you are hiding something or problems with with your home. 

                                                    Turn on All your lights and open any curtains to lighten up your home.

5.    You want to make a great  first  impression of your home so make sure it smells nice! Use aromatherapy, candles or 

                                               potpourri, just don't use anything too strong. You want to make it pleasant, not overpowering,

                                                                                      but able to cover up any pet odors.

6.     Make sure you and your family are not in the house for scheduled showings. Just like not having pets around, you don't want to be there when the house is being shown. It can be distracting to the prospective buyers. Get out and have fun and let the realtors worry about selling your home.

BE SAFE when it comes to selling your house!!! The following four are rules to  make sure you, your family, your home and your HOME SALE are safe during the selling process.

7.      Don't let anyone knocking at your door in just because they want to look at your house. People often think it's OK to knock on your door and look at your house. Do not let them in ! Tell them to contact your realtor at the information on the sign they saw. This is for you're own safety. These people are strangers and may not be who they say you are. You don't want to put yourself in a position  that endangers your family or property. 

8.      Don't talk to any potential buyers or realtors.  Just like #7 above, these people are strangers and you don't want to endanger your potential deal with someone to buy your house by talking to them. Let my team and I do all the talking and negotiating for you. We know all the ins and outs of the industry and we'll get you the best deal for your home. 

9.       Make sure you hide and lock up valuables.  Again just like #7 above  these people are strangers and you don't want something valuable to go missing during a showing. So anything of value (ie jewelry, guns, prescription drugs or over the counter drugs, money, checkbooks, credit cards, media devices and laptops, keys, etc) should be hidden or locked away. Protect your property.

10.    Trust your Realtor to get you the best price for your home.  It's the safe thing to do. You never know how many or few offers you will get on your property, and you will want to consider all of them even if you think the price is too low. I am a master negotiator and can make things happen quickly and in your favor.  I'm on your side and am here to protect you and get the best price for your home!

If you follow these ten simple rules then you're on your way to selling your house. and getting the price you're looking for.

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